5 balls for anus 'Ora'

Cool sex accessories are a brand that knows what your body needs. A striking example of this is an interesting butt plug with an elegant crystal at the base. The toy is made in a beautiful silver color. The material is considered one of the safest for the skin, does not cause allergies, does not stick to the skin, and is easy and simple to care for. In addition, metal toys are compatible with all lubricants.

Bright crystal at the base makes the toy a real work of art. Crystal color can be chosen. The cork is comfortable, high quality, safe. 5 balls of different sizes will facilitate penetration. With this cork you can make any movement and pose - it is absolutely smooth, has no sharp corners and is natural in any position. The size will suit both beginners and experienced lovers of anal sex.

Type Anal plug
Stainless steel
Color Red, Purple, Blue, Green
Package List 1 x Anal Plug
Size 14cm x 4cm