Adjustable metal nipple clamps 'Tami'

Amazingly beautiful nipple clamps for unforgettable breast stimulation and a spicy look. The accessories are thoughtfully designed and easy to use.

The clamps are made of hypoallergenic metal, they are two tweezers with soft tips at the ends that will squeeze the nipples. They are durable and will give an unforgettable stimulation without harm to health.

Stimulation of the nipples occurs due to the fact that blood begins to actively rush to them, making them much more sensitive and swollen. The nipples on the chest will stick out defiantly and respond to any lightest touch. Therefore, accessories can be used during an intimate game with a partner or during sex - so your sensations from a man's touch to your chest will be much stronger.

Silver and black
Material Alluminum alloy
Length 50.8cm
Size 7.3cm x 2.5cm
1 x Nipple Clamps