Adjustable multifunctional chastity 'Daryl'

Even if you haven’t ever felt connected enough with someone to give them a diamond ring, who said you can't get one? Be aware, sissies, this one is most definitely made for the non-pure love purposes. Our Diamond Ring Silicone Chastity Cage can be both a perfect gift to your partner and to yourself as well. Polished yet spiky, this toy is guaranteed to bring new winds into your sex life.

The Diamond Ring Silicone Chastity Cage - the same material you can find in your kitchen utensils. The matter is soft and comfy, so even when you have it on you should not feel any discomfort besides. With Diamond Ring Silicone Chastity Cage neither urinating nor ventilating are a problem - the cage has ventilation holes on the sides of the shaft and a perforation for peeing at the tip as well. So there's no need and no way to run away from being a good, chaste boy - the internal brass padlock won't let you do that either. It's easy to hide under clothes as well - just make sure not to run into any magnets or metal detectors.

Treat yourself or your beloved sub! We guarantee an even better chastity play experience than ever - something.... worth a heavy diamond.

Color/Type Black or Red
Material Lightweight polycarbonate
Package include 1 cock cage, a Black Jack sign marked on it; the length of it is about 70mm, inner diameter of cage is about 40mm.
1 plastic ring, which is similar to hand cuffs, you can adjust to the most suitable size, maximum adjustable inner diameter is 5.25cm (2.07 inches);
3 Spencers, which helps to adjust the distance of the cock cage and ring;
1 plastic bayonet lock, which is used to fix the ring at the suitable position;
5 One Time Use Plastic Locks