Adult nipple suction cup 'Neil'

Vacuum nipple stimulators will make your nipples sensitive to intimate caresses. The stimulators are cylindrical and have a special wheel for creating a vacuum on the nipples.

The stimulants are made of durable plastic. There is a soft ring at the base that will gently grip your nipples and protect them from excessive pressure. Stimulants work on the principle of a vacuum pump. Lean the product against the nipple, turn the wheel on the top of the stimulator and the air will gradually be pumped out. Due to the created vacuum, the nipples will become very sensitive to intimate caresses, will become bloodshot and increase in size.

To avoid damaging the delicate skin of the nipples, to prevent cracks and dryness, use lubricants to moisturize or creams to increase the sensitivity of the breasts and nipples.

Same as picture
ABS plastic
Diameter 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, 39mm, 50mm, 59mm
1 pc * Nipple Sucker