Anal hook stainless steel 'Joseph'

An anal stimulator is ready to fulfill your cherished desires, which you hesitate to say aloud. Anal caresses will reveal to you the secret of a fantastic orgasm that you have never experienced before. With such a cool toy you will find yourself on top of bliss.

Each anal hook bead is able to give you inexpressible delight. Gently and gently insert the stimulator into the anus, and then, when you feel the approach of orgasm, begin to remove the sex toy. The stimulator is easy to insert into the anus and also easy to remove. This makes it convenient and fun. After use, rinse the anal hook in warm soapy water or treat with a sex toy cleaner.

Color Silver
Stainless steel
2 Balls:
Length 24cm
Diameter 2.5cm - 3cm
3 Balls:
Length 24cm
Diameter 1.8cm - 3.5cm