Anal-vaginal toy 'Sexual Balls'

Anal-vaginal balls Sexual Balls are a versatile sex toy that will help restore elasticity to the muscles of the vagina, and also allows you to enjoy stimulation of the anus.

The durable plastic from which the balls are made is completely safe for intimate use. Sexual Balls with an offset center of gravity will be an excellent intimate exercise machine for a girl. It will help you quickly regain the elasticity of the vaginal muscles and will allow you to learn how to control the force from compression. When it comes to ball games with the anus, gender doesn't matter. Both women and men can play with an intimate accessory. The smooth surface of the balls allows them to easily enter you without unnecessary discomfort, but do not forget to moisturize them before injecting with lubricant.

The diameter of each ball is 3.6 cm.

The rope connecting the balls on one side of the toy is made in the form of a loop for quick extraction.

The sex toy cleaner will help you maintain the sterility of your anal-vaginal accessory. Simply apply a small amount of spray to the surface of the balls after each use, after rinsing the Sexual Balls in water.

Material ABS
Ball diameter: 36mm
Weight: 99g