Beautiful color sex toy 'Angel'

The toy is a little BDSM wonder. So you certainly don't have to wonder about it being suitable, because it's made for you - as long as the dimensions match. It will fully enclose any flaccid penis and leave absolutely no space for unwanted erections. Just to make sure it's comfortable and safe, the shaft has ventilation holes for air to pass through (you can use them to clean up while the device is on with the help of cotton swabs) - as well as a perforation at the tip for urine to flow easily.

This chastity cage is made for pleasurable times with your beloved Dom or the sub you're gifting it to - we thought about that. You don't have to waste time that could be used for teasing - the cleaning of the device is very simple. Rubbing alcohol or warm, soapy water is enough to disinfect it - spray-on sex toy cleaners are also okay.

Be it a bratty sub or a sweet baby boy, this cute device will suit anyone who wears it. It's so pretty and functional that both the locked up babe and his Master are sure to encounter countless pleasurable occasions.

Material Plastic
SizeĀ  Long Section SizeĀ - 100mm
Inner Diameter of CageĀ - 34mm
Inner Length of CageĀ -70mm
Short Paragraph SizeĀ -85mm
Inner Diameter of Cage - 34mm
Inner Length of Cage - 60 mm
1 Set With 5 Size Ring: Inner Diameter - 3.5cm, 3.8cm, 4.3cm, 4.6cm, 4.9cm
Package List 1*Plastic Virginity Lock