Big inflatable anal beads 'Dexter'

Anal balls will reveal to you the secrets of mysterious geisha who knew all the ways to drive a man crazy. Thanks to sexual training, you can not only strengthen the intimate muscles, but also give your partner new sensations that he cannot forget.

The balls are made of durable material covered with a silicone shell. Choose for yourself what sensation you want to experience! Ask your partner to control your pleasure, introducing and gradually withdrawing the balls, you can increase the balls in size with a simple movement - you just need to want to. Lovers of sweet novelties in bed will surely like this game, because it is impossible to resist such entertainment!

This intimate accessory is made of hypoallergenic materials and does not contain harmful substances. The balls are safe for health and will bring you maximum pleasure.

Color Black
Length 17cm
Diameter 3.2cm - 3.5cm
Weight 129g