Blue male masturbator 'Paradisaic Delight'

The masturbator has a stunningly tight hole that is covered in many bumps. The masturbator is made of soft and pleasant silicone. Such material can quickly heat up to the temperature of your body, which makes the stimulation especially comfortable. It is made with a tight, very narrow hole, which is covered with many small pimples. The masturbator stretches well and can accommodate almost any penis size. Thanks to this design, a vacuum is created inside the masturbator, which will give your penis a completely new, realistic feeling during masturbation!

Moisten the hole of your masturbator with water-based or silicone-based lubricants for a pleasant and exciting glide. You can also rinse the masturbator with warm soapy water using an antibacterial baby soap.

Soft Silicone
Size Length 13cm
Diameter 5.8cm
Weight 145g
100% waterproof