Body belts, handcuffs 'Rodney'

These stylish leather handcuffs and body strap are your favorite accessory for a daring bedroom makeover. Imagine that your partner is a faithful slave, ready to fulfill all your desires. His hands are immobilized and he cannot protest. Sounds cool!

After the publication of the famous bestseller "50 shades of gray" erotic games using BDSM accessories have become more popular. Make sure that submitting to someone else's will can be a pleasure for both partners. Play with these handcuffs and then switch roles. This evening will be remembered for a long time!

Black leather handcuffs and cool belts with eye-catching red inserts securely restrain the partner's hands, but do not interfere with normal blood circulation. They are attached with two carabiners to the straps that can be unfastened at any time. You can use additional items: leashes, collars, chains, attaching your partner to them with a carabiner. Experiment and enjoy!

Color/Type Black and Red
PU leather
Handcuffs adjustable range: 35-48cm
Waist adjustable range: 70-96cm