Bright beautiful balls 'Sweet Cherry'

Brightly colored vaginal balls are a great way to tone your vaginal muscles. This toy is suitable for both restoring elasticity and increasing sensitivity, and just to get a lot of pleasant sensations. And she looks cool.

The balls are made of the most delicate velvety silicone. The balls are small in shape for better stimulation of the inner surface of the vagina. The design of the toy has a classic shape - two balls with metal weights inside, interconnected by an elastic cord, and at the end there is a string to safely and comfortably remove the product from the body. They have a diameter that's perfect for beginners. In the future, you can control the balls of a much smaller size. For added comfort while using the toy, add some moisturizing lubricant.

When placing the balls in the vagina, they need to be moved with the help of muscles. The most effective training is carried out according to the method of the famous Dr. Kegel. Within a few weeks, the muscles of the vagina will become much more elastic and you can surprise your loved one by tightly squeezing his penis during sex. Rest assured, he will love this effect of your spicy workouts.

Material Silicone
Diameter 3.5cm
100% waterproof