Double beads 'Jaime'

Plastic and durable vaginal balls with an offset center of gravity, designed for the pleasure of the girl and her health. The toy is sturdy, comfortable and perfect for a start and before picking up some cooler workout items.

The balls are made of plastic - durable and reliable. They are firmly connected to each other with a thread, and also have a loop for easy removal of the toy from the body. They are made with a displaced center of gravity - inside them there are smaller and heavier balls, which, rolling, complicate the task of holding the toy in the body and create the effect of vibration. They will be able to give pleasure and help in training vaginal muscles, keep them in good shape and take care of your intimate health.

The toy is well suited for trial use of vaginal balls.

Material ABS, Silicone
Diameter: 3.5cm
Waterproof,Anal Beads, Kegel Exercrise
1 x sexy toy