Erotic geisha vaginal balls 'Molly'

A real find in the world of sex toys, and also an ideal tool for doing Kegel exercises. How will they please you? We will now explain below. In the package you will find 2 vaginal balls that can rub you. As you understand, this set was created so that you could go from a beginner to an experienced user of these devices. The balls are interconnected, so being inside the erogenous zone, they can easily follow the contours and curves of your body without changing their position inside. Also, these toys are equipped with a cord, which is used to conveniently remove the balls from the pleasure zone. If you decide to thoroughly engage in intimate muscle training, then you should start with 15 minute exercises and gradually increase the time you wear the balls. If you decide to take care of your health and to please your loved one with intimate experiments, then these tools will suit you perfectly.

Color Silver
Length: 25cm
Diameter: 3cm
Weight: 225g