Erotic handcuffs 'Cathy'

Beautiful red, pink and black fur handcuffs will look spectacular and, most importantly, look very sexy on the girl's wrists. The set includes a lash of the same color, your partner will be delighted with such a beautiful set.

With this stylish intimate accessory, you diversify your sex life and emphasize your role in relationships with your loved one.

Soft fur will make sex games comfortable and prevent handcuffs from digging into your wrists. This kit will warm up your desire and passion, and will adjust the red, pink or black color to the right mood.

Handcuffs will become a charming surprise for your playful girlfriend and will take their rightful place in the collection of intimate toys.

Metal, Nylon, Synthetic Leather
Size Handcuffs: Length 30cm
Weight 90g
Whip: Length 44cm
Package 1 pair handcuffs, 1 x whip