Erotic toy 'Elias'

If you and your partner have been playing with strap-ons lately and want to step it up a notch, then we have our Cherry Split Double Penetration Anal Sex Strap-On to help you with that.

We offer two kinds of the dildo as a base for the strap-on: the usual dildo or anal beads. Both though are quality-made with silicone and as a safety precaution, always use lube when doing anal sex (a water lube on this case).

The fun doesn't stop there; our strap-on also has another hole where you can attach another dildo in to introduce double penetration to your partner. Satisfy her even more with the rabbit ears feature for clitoral stimulation.

Medical Silicone
Dildo Size
17*4cm / 13.5*3.5cm / 10*3.5cm
Dildo Diameter
3.2cm-3.5cm / 3.7cm-4.0cm
Hanress Waist Size
Adjustable (60cm-105cm)