Exotic feather nipple clamps 'Beautiful Bird'

Stylish metal clips with airy colored feathers will become a mesmerizing accessory and a small but effective stimulator for special, sharp and piquant nipple caresses.

Special nipple clamps allow you to give an excited look and sexual firmness to your nipples. They passionately dig into the delicate erogenous zone, give a pleasant and exciting pressure and promote more active blood flow, which makes the nipples firmer, brighter and sexier. A slight pleasant pain from the sensual squeezing of the nipples will allow you to get new sensations with a share of sharp peppercorns and special piquancy. With such an extraordinary accessory, your foreplay will become even more interesting and hotter. Additional nipple stimulation with clamps is a sure way to experiment, sexual variety and new thrills. Light airy feathers add beauty and elegance to the accessory, which not only adorn the chest and add mystery to the image, but also sensually contact the naked parts of the body.

Nipple clamps are metal clothespins decorated with feathers that are attached directly to the nipples themselves. Areas in contact with the nipples have softer inserts so that the accessory does not rub the delicate area and does not press too hard. The compression level of the clamps can be adjusted independently An incredible accessory and partly light BDSM element that will add sexuality, excitement and extraordinary sensations in the process of foreplay or sex.

Length 15cm
Package 1 Pair*Nipple Clips
Color Black, Purple, Red, Pink