Faux leather belts 'Salvador'

Would you like a stylish and catchy pattern on the body or clothes? If you are interested in this secret, then this set is made for you! This is exactly the product that will open up the possibility of visual experiments for you.

The belts are made of high quality and metal elements. Small belts of this accessory are connected by rings and can decorate your hot sexy body with an original pattern. Austere black color and stylish design are the business cards of our store. Also, do not forget that this is a great way to emphasize the beauty and grace of a woman's image. You can wear this product by putting it on a naked body - it all depends on what goal you are pursuing. So rather try this new and interesting accessory in action, so that your chosen one is really pleasantly surprised by what he sees.

Synthetic Leather
The width of the belt 2cm
The length of the belt 100cm
Belt adjustment range 70cm~90cm
Range of regulation of leg ring 33cm-50cm
 1 pc Belt