High quality sex toy 'Pleasure'

A sex toy from Sara Belle's store is something unreal! The ideal anatomical shape, stylish design and a sea of ​​deep sensations - everyone can find something to their taste in it!

The butt plug is made of hypoallergenic metal, which does not cause irritation and will not stick to the skin. It does not absorb foreign odors; you can easily wash and disinfect it.

The size of this butt plug is great for experienced anal lovers, but it may also appeal to beginners. This plug allows you to do any body movement and take any posture. Thanks to its smoothness and lack of sharp corners and joints, it feels natural in any position! Can be used for foreplay to warm up yourself and your partner. Or pamper yourself with new sensations during vaginal sex, leaving a plug inside - during the movements of a partner, she will pleasantly stimulate sensitive areas without interfering with penis penetration. This silver stopper will certainly bring you not only a physical orgasm, but also an aesthetic one from just a glance.

Type Anal plug
304 Stainless Steel
Package Included
1 x Anal Plug
9.5cm x 5.5cm