Kegel balls 'Ian'

The balls from our store Sara Belle are a cool and bright intimate exercise machine aimed at maximizing the pumping of intimate muscles. This is not just a pleasure - it is a huge benefit, because they will help to avoid many problems associated with intimate health. Two smooth and velvety balls, connected to each other, at the end of which there is a long cord, with which you can easily remove them after training.

Don't forget about hydration - it will help make both the introduction and the workout itself much more comfortable. Choose water-based lubricants to help maintain a pleasant velvety finish. And don't forget to handle the balls to keep them clean.

Material Silicone + Non-toxic ABS
Size Size 1: 18cm x 3.8cm(46g)
Size 2: 13cm x 3.5cm(88g)
Color Pink, Purple