Kegel balls 'Sweet Kiss'

High-quality, velvety to the touch vaginal balls will become your faithful partner in stimulating the vagina and training internal muscles. The toy is durable, comfortable and made in a delicate, beautiful form. In the kit you will find different weights, so you can complicate your workouts at any time.

Sex toys are made of silicone, have a very easy-to-use shape and a special loop on the base so that the toy can always be removed from the vagina with maximum comfort. The product is velvety and delicate to the touch, of pleasant color.

Vaginal balls are made as thoughtful, gentle and comfortable as possible. Their design is guaranteed to appeal to lovers of quality sex toys with an aesthetic appearance. The balls are not afraid of water, they can be used in the bath and washed under water.

Material Silicone
15cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm
Package  5 pcs