Kegel silicone smart ball 'Perry'

Vaginal balls from our store are an indispensable intimate accessory for every girl. Training with them will help you to better control the muscles of the vagina, and this guarantees at least brighter sensations in sex and powerful orgasms, and as a maximum - the prevention of many problems with intimate health.

The principle of training with balls is very simple - they need to be kept in the vagina. The balls are made of delicate, soft and velvety silicone, thanks to which they are easy to insert into the body and feel comfortable inside. Their body consists of embossed ribs, which will further stimulate the internal erogenous zones. And the thread at the bottom will make them easy to remove.

To keep your workouts as comfortable as possible, do not neglect a moisturizing lubricant. Choose a water-based product to help maintain a pleasant silicone finish. And of course, remember to keep the balls hygienic. Enjoy your workout!

Material Silicone
Pink: 11.1cm x 3.2cm (30g)
Purple: 11cm x 2.5cm (50g)
Black: 10.4cm x 2.9cm (40g)