Lace handcuffs 'Floyd'

An elegant set of cool hand or foot braces that will help you tame a scandalous partner or a naughty partner.

Does your lady like to scandal or shout a lot? Or does your man throw things around and give other reasons for a quarrel? Then there is only one solution - punishment by immobilization! Fix your partner so that he begs for mercy, asking for forgiveness. Immobilization only? No really. You can go much further, because now the partner's body is at your complete disposal. With the help of braces for arms or legs, you can fulfill all your secret and passionate desires. This element of BDSM games will add bright colors to your intimate life and allow you to experience new sensations and explosive impressions.

The set includes clips. They are made of high quality, harmless and pleasant to the touch material. The braces fit perfectly on the wrists and ankles and are pleasantly in contact with the skin. They are soft and delicate. The size of the clips can also be changed and adjusted to suit you. Play with your partner and enjoy!

Lace + Spandex + Polyester 
Size One size suit all
Color Purple, Pink
Package 1 x Lace eye covers + 1 pair gloves hand wrap