Leather panties with handcuffs 'Black Bow'

Soft and very beautiful accessories will make your look amazing! Genuine leather handcuffs will give partners hours of extraterrestrial pleasure, alluring with their unforgettable sensations. Delicate and high-quality material will gently and very tenderly touch the sensitive skin of fragile wrists, and of course you will not be able to remove them without the owner's permission. The accessories are decorated with cool black bows on the bottom, rings and rivets.

The straps will allow you to easily adjust the size of the accessory for yourself, which will significantly increase the comfort during their use.

This accessory can be not only a great addition to a role-playing game, but also a wonderful tool to highlight your wild animal essence.

The elastic skin grips your wrists tightly, giving the feeling of pleasant warmth spreading over your hands. Partners who want to bring something interesting and exciting into their intimate relationships without a word will be happy to buy these handcuffed panties, because in addition to their unrivaled style, they can be used during BDSM games.

Are you a Mistress or an obedient slave today? Or maybe you are a stern ruler who wants to dominate his beloved? Leather handcuffs with cool bows will perfectly fit into your gaming atmosphere.

Color Black
PU leather
Waistline: 105cm 
1 x panties with handcuffs