Magic metal butt plug 'Shock'

The cool butt plug beats all the other plugs. A seductive shape with a perfectly smooth surface is the easiest and most sophisticated way to have fun! Powerful electrical impulses will do everything for you to have a lot of pleasure. The sex toy will completely satisfy you! The pleasure will be even more intense if the cork is heated or cooled down before use.

You can customize the electrical impulses as you wish, from a light, playful tingling sensation to exciting impulses leading to a climax.

The stopper is made of hygienic, medical grade aluminum. Use warm water and antibacterial toy cleaning spray to clean and air dry thoroughly. Silicone based lubricants do not conduct electricity because silicone is an insulating material. Therefore, you can use sex toys with electrical stimulation for internal penetration with a water-based lubricant.

Type Anal plug
Stainless steel
Size Width 2.8cm