Maid uniform 'Florence'

Will you play interesting games with your loved one? If yes, then we are glad to present you a beautiful, high-quality and cool costume.

So the time has come to please you with a frank and original erotic costume from our store. This model is designed to surprise, excite and amaze your beloved. If you decide to conquer his body and heart, then you will surely like this revealing outfit, which is made of materials that are pleasant to the touch, such as polyamide, spandex and polyester. Translucent lace fabric will slightly reveal the hidden corners of your flawless body and arouse a man's genuine interest in your beauty and slimness. The costume consists of a black mini-dress that adorns a white apron, but your sexy and delicate neck will be decorated with a cute choker made in black and white. The choker itself is presented in the form of a lace product and looks quite stylish. Well, one more pleasant surprise is that this outfit will partially bare your breasts, so if you like playing with nipples or caressing a female breast, then this model will suit you perfectly and will help to delight your beloved man.

One size fit for weight 40-60kg