Male chastity belt 'Shelly'

Have you been a bad boy? No? Whether it's a punishment or a present, our toy is one of the greatest and cutest cages you can get for yourself or your sub. Designed for BDSM-ish type of foreplay, this wonderful sex toy will make even the brattiest man a begging slut on a leash.

Made from 100% quality food grade stainless steel, Chastity Cage will capture those CBT lovers that also enjoy a good design combined with exquisite functionality. This witty device was crafted in a way that would let you get the most out of it - the top shaft features beautiful scale-like design as well as multiple ventilation holes - but not too much, so that no mostly forbidden physical contact would happen. Your Dom can tease you all they want, but that's about all of the interaction with your penis that can happen once the toy is on. The device is made so that you can wear it without worrying about anything - the urination slot at the tip will keep your bathroom breaks quick.

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel
Size Cage length - about 60 mm(2.36inch)
Cage Inner diameter - about 39 mm(1.54inch)
One Barbed Anti-off Ring - diameter about 33mm(1.30inch)
One hinged ring. Ring's inside diameter - 43mm(1.69inch)