Masturbator realistic vagina and big buttocks 'Jamie'

The seductive appearance of an artificial vagina beckons to touch it. She looks very nice - she repeats the outlines of the thighs of a girl erotically arched in anticipation of a partner. The labia are ajar, bloodshot and literally beg to penetrate behind them, into the narrow vagina. Also between the rounded buttocks there is a nice neat ring of the anus, which, like the vagina, is a working opening. The thermoplastic rubber, from which the toy is made, is incredibly soft, velvety - it feels like real human skin.

The vaginal sleeve is slightly wider, but also has a narrow entrance. The tunnel expands sharply, narrows, and its walls are also covered with pimples. The anal sleeve is much narrower than the vaginal one. It has a relief of small pimples that will massage the penis tightly compressed by the walls. The internal construction is anatomically realistic, from which you will get the most natural feeling. And if you want to enhance them, use a water-based lubricant. It replaces the natural lubricant for women and makes the glide very smooth. Enjoy!

Silicone+ TPE
19cm × 18.5cm × 7cm
Package 1 x Masturbator