Metal anal vaginal balls 'Harriet'

Vaginal balls are a useful female sex toy that helps tone the vaginal muscles, train them and strengthen them. The balls are designed for training the pelvic floor muscles. The impressive weight of the balls suggests that this sex toy is perfect for experienced women who have performed Kegel exercises and previously trained intimate muscles. The balls will help you achieve the desired result, because they contribute to more intense and effective workouts. With them, Kegel exercises will become even more effective, and you will enjoy elastic and strong vaginal muscles in a very short amount of time. With trained muscles, you can get orgasms many times brighter and give incredible sensations during sex to your partner.

For a more comfortable roll-on, use a moisturizing lubricant. After use, the balls must be treated with a sex toy cleaner.

Material Stainless Steel
Diameter: 2.5cm