Metal balls 'Tami'

Sturdy vaginal balls with an offset center of gravity, designed to be enjoyable and help to tone vaginal muscles.

The balls are made of metal - strong, completely smooth, fastened together with a strong thread, and also have a comfortable loop at the end. Weighted with balls inside, which create a displaced center of gravity, and also simulate a slight vibration when rolling. Thus, the balls will be able to give a pleasant pleasure to the girl while using them. They can also be used to exercise to strengthen the vaginal muscles and maintain their tone.

The sex simulator is suitable for those girls who want to start with simple vaginal balls and decide if this type of stimulation is right for them. After stimulation, rinse the balls in water and treat with a sex toy cleaner. 

Material Metal
Size 1: Diameter 25mm (130g)
Size 2: Diameter 30mm (220g)
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