Metal handcuffs with feathers 'Patty'

Fluffy, stylish and very necessary handcuffs for beautiful sex games. If you are tired of endless searches for some original bondage accessory, then this is a very good choice. The peculiarity of this model is that it is a chain that is decorated with feathers along the edges, but the area of ​​the edges is exactly the part that will be put on your hands. There are no clasps as such on these handcuffs, because they can be fastened with a small carabiner, which can be connected to any of the links of the metal chain. This circumstance opens up another pleasant point - the versatility of the size of the product. By the way, unbuttoning such handcuffs is much more difficult than any others. So think, what if you need just such an accessory, with a riddle. Well, black feathers are soft and pleasant to the body material, which adds showiness and charm to handcuffs.

All of the above qualities make the accessory a versatile tool for both gentle romantic play and violent sexual performances in the BDSM style.

Color Black and Gold
Feathers + Metal
Handcuff Diameter: 7cm
Weight: 37g
1 x Feathers Handcuff