Penis cage with catheter 'Toni'

If your Master decided to purchase this for your BDSM games, then you should already know what's coming. If you did it to yourself... you're probably a masochist. Our Metal Chastity Cage will live up to its name even in the harshest of CBT plays - the way this beautiful device is constructed was just for that.

Metal Chastity Cage can be purchased in three different cock ring sizes of 1.56 inches, 1.77 inches and 1.97 inches. Every detail is made from quality stainless steel - including the details of a urethral pipe that comes with it. Please make sure that the pipe isn't too big for your usage so that you don't get hurt - even though you probably will in one way or another. Pleasurably.

The kit also includes two keys and some spiky details that can be added onto the cage for additional cock tormenting. 
Our Ruthless Master will give any Dom the title of a sadist. If you love a bit of pain sprinkled on top of your chaste pleasures, then this cage is waiting for your purchase!

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension
40mm, 45mm, 50mm