Penis device 'Jacob'

If uncontrollable lust is pinning its claws onto you, start taming it by clipping its nails. Sexy toy will help you do that - made from quality stainless steel, this cock cage is guaranteed to keep your wild desires locked in a very solid cage. The device itself looks like a birdcage - a classic yet time tested design which is guaranteed to bring you pleasure and pain in the same package.

Let your Mistress or Master tease you through the bars, all without letting you go - not even for a bathroom break, since the cage features a perforation at the tip for easy urination. No erections will pass thanks to those bars - secured by an Allen lock screw together with a key mechanism, the only thing that will get screwed is the lock and your need for sex.

Amazing toy comes in three cock ring sizes, so check out our size sheet below and make sure to choose the one that will fit you perfectly. The package also includes a urethral catheter for the cage - specifically for those chastity lovers that are into sounding as well. Make sure to be careful, especially if you decide to use the catheter. Take care of your hygiene while wearing the device and clean it on the daily as well - a sprayable sex toy cleaner and boiling water for absolute disinfection will suffice.

Tame your desires to enhance the passion fires. We guarantee, your partner will thank you for this experience!

Silver Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension
Full Length: 90mm
Inner Diameter: 8mm