Reusable vacuum silicone vagina 'Madeline'

This is a sex toy that differs from all other masturbators in its size and quality. This masturbator will definitely fit all penis sizes. The most important thing is to enjoy it to the fullest! The plastic body and soft inner channel will allow you to comfortably spend those sweet minutes of penis stimulation. The convenient shape and size of the toy will allow you to comfortably hold the masturbator in one hand. The smooth curves of the body fit perfectly and firmly in the hand, so the toy does not slip out and does not cause inconvenience.

The inner sleeve of the masturbator is made of high quality material. It is pleasant to the touch, soft and delicate material that does not contain harmful substances. The material is not only hypoallergenic, but also completely harmless to health. The relief surface of the channel plays a special role, because it is this mass of irregularities, bumps and waves that contributes to a better massage of the penis, intense stimulation and cool, unforgettable sensations. The improved airflow structure allows you to experience a more sensual suction and vacuum effect. Feel the notes of realistic oral sex and you will know real pleasure.

During intimate play, use a water-based lubricant. The inner sleeve is easy to remove and therefore easy to clean. Treat the masturbator with a sex toy cleaner and let the toy dry. Are you ready for real enjoy?

Soft Silicone
4 style for you
Size Red, Black and White:16.5cm x 6.5cm
Size Gray Lenggthened: 19cm x 6.5cm