Sex toy for brave men 'Misty'

A masturbator from our store is the most you could want in a masturbator. The toy is designed so that the stimulation is simply incredible, and the possibilities of the device itself are practically unlimited.

The masturbator is made in a very stylish black case and can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This is a toy that will do everything by itself and will never disappoint. The channel inside the masturbator is tight, but well stretched, uneven, qualitatively imitates the anatomical structure of the vagina, so the sensations will be more than realistic. But these are only the basic skills of this toy.

A very powerful, incredibly high-quality and thoughtful masturbator, with which intimate pleasure for you will move to a completely new level.

ABS, TPE, Silica gel
Size 21cm x 6.5cm x 7.5cm
Weight:272g - 290g
100% waterproof 
Rated voltage:≤3.7V
Rated current:≤500mA
Maximum noise:≤ 60 dB