Sex toy for men 'Mandy'

An incredibly stylish and powerful masturbator that is able to intensely stimulate the sensitive parts of the penis and realistically recreate female affection.

You, you are the one who deserve incredible pleasure! Allow yourself to have orgasms every time you masturbate! It is the masturbator that will produce you high-quality stimulation of the penis, from which you will be delighted.

Black matte body with glossy inserts, stylish design and comfortable shape - this wonderful sex toy is just a place on your shelf of intimate toys. But this product is not only famous for its external data. The masturbator is made of high quality hypoallergenic silicone, and the body is made of durable safe ABS plastic. The material does not contain harmful substances. Soft and velvety to the touch, elastic and pleasant to use. There are lateral bulges inside the masturbator, which make the space narrower for enhanced and realistic sensations. The narrow passage creates a naturalistic effect during the caressing process.

The toy is unpretentious in cleaning. It is enough to rinse it with water and treat it with a sex toy cleaner.

Black and Gold
Size 11.5cm x 4cm