Sex toys for women 'Steve'

We bring to your attention not just vaginal balls, but cool vaginal balls. Super balls for super fun!

These two balls will fill you completely and stimulate all your nerves of pleasure with every movement. Enjoy these fantastic feelings. In addition to regular use, the pelvic muscles will be trained, which will allow a more intense sensation for you and your partner.

These are balls for training and pleasure, for stimulation and massage. Try them in action and you will not regret that you went to meet new sensations!

Vaginal balls are designed to train the muscles of the vagina, thanks to which you will not only avoid many diseases of internal organs, but also become an unforgettable mistress. After all, trained internal muscles can give your partner unearthly pleasure.

Moreover, vaginal balls are another opportunity to please yourself. So play with balls, practice and enjoy!

Material Silicone
Length: 13.6cm
Diameter: 3.3cm
Weight 78g
Purple, Fuchsia, Pink
Frequency 12 Frequency Vibration
Power Power(Controller): 1 CR2025 Battery(Included)
Power(Vibrator): Rechargeable Battery(Built-in)
Time Charging: USB Rechargeable
Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Using time: About 1.5 Hours When Fully Charged