Sexy adjustable genuine leather handcuffs 'Brooke'

Lock your partner's arms or legs and punish him for disobedience! Fixation accessories will help you with this and make your BDSM entertainment more contrasting and sophisticated.

Made of natural black leather, the clips will gently restrain your partner's movements. The accessories are connected by a sturdy chain with carabiners. Each of the cuffs has straps with which you can adjust the degree of fixation rigidity, fasten other BDSM accessories.

This accessory will not cause you any discomfort and will not chafe your skin, as the inner surface of the cuffs is covered with a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric.

So, this is a stylish fetish attribute that will be your perfect bedroom companion. Forget about your shyness and open up to the fullest, because playing with this accessory will bring fresh notes of piquancy into your intimate life, which you so lacked!

Genuine Leather
Handcuffs adjustable range 23-30cm
Legcuffs adjustable range 28-38cm