Sexy anal beads 'Water Drops'

Thin and elastic silicone anal chain. The special shape of the balls - in the form of a drop of water, make this stimulant especially indispensable for anal sex.

Miniature anal balls on a rigid hitch are used to relax the muscles of the anus before penetration and can also be used to massage and stimulate the partner's penis during vaginal contact. Apply the water-based gel to the beads and inject it into the anus with slow movements during sex. Feel the smoothly growing excitement from the relief of each ball. When a woman has a chain anally, a man, entering vaginally, feels each ball through a thin wall between the anus and the vagina. 

Bring new sensations into your sexual relationship! Enjoy at the same time!

Color Black
Size S: Length 24.7cm
Diameter 2cm
M: Length 33cm
Diameter 3cm
L: Length 41.7cm
Diameter 4cm