Sexy 'Cop'

It's time to play, because sometimes there comes a moment when you just need to diversify your intimate life. It is for such purposes that role-playing costumes serve, which will decorate your body in the most responsible and hot moments. So it's time to present you with a spectacular and strict police costume. Move away from the usual patterns of entertainment and sexual play and move to a completely different level of pleasure. Be a strict mistress for your man today, who will teach him to observe all love laws. The set includes 3 elements of this outfit.

Let's start with a cap with a police badge, without which the uniform of a representative of the law is simply unthinkable. Well, a sexy top that fits the chest and reveals the abdomen is a very frank thing that will emphasize your sexuality. A miniskirt with large pleats and handcuffs are another piece of clothing. Looking at you in this suit, your chosen one will experience incredible excitement. So do not hesitate, and demonstrate your abilities to him right now.




One size