Sexy latex skirt 'Diane'

Latex mini skirt will excite your loved one and make him want you more and more.

Latex clothes always look beautiful on a girl. First of all, it is latex and vinyl that perfectly emphasize female sexuality. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we present you a mini-skirt from Sara Belle. It is made of 100% exciting black latex. These clothes will perfectly accentuate your slim figure, and due to the fact that this is still a mini-skirt, your partner will have a unique opportunity to appreciate your incredibly beautiful legs. It should be noted that latex is not completely transparent, so you can be sure that your chosen one will instantly be seduced by a hot prospect to see more than you show him. Be sure that after such a passionate visual presentation, a man will have an irresistible desire to take off your skirt, and after that, as expected, proceed to the most important thing. Would you like to highlight your beauty and enjoy the heat of passion? Then a mini skirt is a very good choice.


Bust cm

Waist cm

Hips cm

One size