Sexy toys for lovers 'My heart'

Whip will assign your roles for the night. Who will be the slave and who will be the great dominant? You will find out after a couple of juicy slaps with a leather sexy toy.

Whip is a stylish and laconic flogger made of high quality durable leather. Comfortable sturdy handle with wrist loop for a comfortable and powerful grip on the sexy toy. This toy will withstand even the most passionate spanking that you will reward your rebellious partner with. A sex toy can be used both in an affectionate game, driving the toy over a naked body, and for violent BDSM games, juicy and passionately punishing the obstinate half.

The Whip is the perfect accessory for the ultimate bedroom experience and unforgettable emotion.

PU Leather
Size 30cm x 8xm
Package 1 x Whips
Color Black or Pink