Silicone handcuffs 'Claude'

Flexible, elastic and pleasant to the touch silicone handcuffs that will provide you with comfortable passionate games. Strong handcuffs can keep even the most ardent lovers ...

If you have a desire to embark on the path of BDSM fun and plunge into the world of excruciatingly passionate caresses, submission and domination, then you can start with cool handcuffs made of high quality silicone. Unlike their metal comrades, these handcuffs will nicely wrap your wrists or ankles, giving you absolute comfort and an exceptionally pleasant tactile sensation. Silicone does not contain harmful substances, and therefore is absolutely harmless to health and hypoallergenic material. Silicone does not irritate the skin and does not chafe. It is very soft, delicate, pleasant to the touch, flexible, elastic and pliable. Handcuffs stretch well, but at the same time, they are difficult to break and release. The toy is very durable, reliable, and most importantly, comfortable to use.

The handcuffs are easy to put on and also easy to remove. You do not need additional keys to free your partner. This BDSM accessory is perfect for both beginners and experienced players of rough games. You can perfectly diversify your sex life and try many variations of poses and roles in your bedroom and not only.

Material Silicone
Size Length 24.5cm
Diameter 6cm
Weight 88g
Package 1 Pair of Handcuff