Silicone Kegel ball 'Love'

Vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity are aimed at increasing the elasticity of the vaginal muscles, while giving a pleasant arousal. This tactile trainer will take care of your women's health, giving you amazing orgasms.

The balls are made of durable material with a velvety finish. The material has passed the necessary quality control, does not contain harmful substances. The sex toy is designed to strengthen the muscles of the vagina, quickly tone the vaginal muscles and restore their former elasticity. The sex toy will also increase the sensitivity of the vagina, which will make the sensations during sex for a woman much brighter. The girl will learn to control the force of compression of the vaginal muscles and will give her partner unforgettable pleasure during intimacy. For safe use, the vaginal balls are interconnected with a small cord and have a loop for easy extraction.

It is recommended to insert vaginal balls in the supine position, having previously moistened them with a water-based lubricant. After use, apply a toy cleaning spray after rinsing in water.

Material Silicone+ABS non-toxic
Net Weight: 75g
Pink, Blue