Silicone Kegel balls for women 'Terrell'

Vaginal balls allow you to achieve breathtaking heights of pleasure by training intimate muscles in an adult way. They are pleasant to the touch and their weight is optimally matched due to the internal metal spheres. Join you in such vivid workouts of intimate muscles and learn to deliver your partner the highest degree of pleasure, absolutely not moving.

The balls are made of durable material. Their surface is covered with delicate silicone. The jumper between them and the extraction tab are made of the same material as the balls themselves. A toy with a displaced center of gravity, inside there are heavier balls that roll, creating additional stimulation and complicating the task of holding the product due to the vaginal muscles. Therefore, such balls are more suitable for experienced users.

Apply some lubricant to the vaginal balls. It is best to use a water-based moisturizer. This will make the balls penetrate very soft and the sliding is as pleasant as possible. After use, rinse the balls in warm water and treat them with an antiseptic. Enjoy your workout! 

Material Silicone
Ball diameter: 2.7 cm 
Blue(15g), Rose red(25g), Purple(35g), Gray(55g)