Silicone smart vaginal ball 'Hugo'

Vaginal balls will become your personal secret to achieving incredible heights of pleasure. As you know, training intimate muscles can help women not only keep them in good shape, but also significantly increase the overall sensitivity of the vagina.

You can use them for workouts that have become very popular in the modern world, or you can use them for pleasure. Thanks to the variable center of gravity in the vaginal balls, you can discover the secret of the geisha who knew exactly what a man wants.

You will be able to train the muscles of the vagina so much that you will learn to control your feelings and, if you wish, you can strengthen them without additional stimulation.

You will also delight your sexual partner and give him great pleasure! It's very easy to use them! It is recommended to thoroughly rinse the vaginal balls with a mild soap solution before first use. You can also use special sex toy cleaners, which are most suitable for the care of intimate accessories. After rinsing them thoroughly and then lubricating them with a water-based lubricant, insert the vaginal balls into the vagina, leaving the thread on the outside. Try rolling balls inside of you using your intimate muscles. Such actions will not only be useful for improving the blood supply to the vessels of the vagina, but will also give strange, but very pleasant sensations.

Material Silicone
Black, Dark Purple, Pink, Purple