Silicone vagina 'Billie'

A small masturbator in the form of a female body. Such a toy will excite with just its appearance, and its tight channel inside will easily provide the most exciting sensations!

The product is made of high quality material and has excellent stretch, while remaining durable. The toy is very pleasant to the touch and made with sufficient detail. The product is a small copy of a woman's body - with a neat and beautiful bottom and an exciting intimate area. A narrow but well-stretching channel runs inside the product. It is uneven, so during use you will experience a fairly realistic feeling. It will be very easy to indulge in bright pleasure with this toy!

Use a highly moisturizing lubricant with the product. After sex, rinse the toy in water and treat with a sex toy cleaner.

Material Soft TPE+Silicone
Size 17.5cm x 13cm x 7cm
Weight 960g
100% waterproof
1 x MasturbatorĀ