Soft adjustable handcuffs 'Alison'

This is a classic accessory that allows your imagination to play out. By tying a passive partner, you can do absolutely whatever you want with him, you just have to! The tides of constrained lust will not make you bored, because with such an intimate accessory any sexual play will acquire light shades of spicy BDSM pranks.

The art of tying originated in Japan and is very popular today. With the help of a rope, pleasant to the touch, you can join this erotic sacrament, adding bright elements of your own invention to it.

Sturdy and reliable, this accessory will help you make all your immobilizing fantasies come true. Restricting your partner's movements will be as enjoyable as possible with these soft handcuffs!

Color Black
Spandex, Polyester
Length 116cm