Soft handcuffs for new emotions 'Domingo'

Soft handcuffs will give both partners an unearthly pleasure and will become an essential attribute during BDSM games.

Handcuffs are a great complement to role-playing games and add more piquancy to the image. Thanks to the pleasant material, the handcuffs will gently and tenderly grip fragile wrists and will not chafe the skin. With the help of a metal pipe, you will be in complete control of your partner. Sounds tempting?

This extravagant accessory will allow both partners to play the most cheeky, rough and rough erotic games. Your intimate life will sparkle with completely different colors and will give you indescribable pleasure that you have not experienced before.

Discover a new world of enchanting sensations and emotions with handcuffs from our store!

Synthetic Leather, Metal
Color Black, Red
Size Full length Tube 62cm
Diameter Tube 2.5cm