Soft penis ring 'Kay'

A silicone ring is an indispensable item in any man's sex toy arsenal. The ring perfectly grips your penis and testicles without creating discomfort or bulkiness. Made from high quality silicone.


Velvety and pleasant, body-safe silicone
Stylish design
Used to fix both penis and testicles
Phthalate free

The ring is put on at rest (first, the testicles are threaded, then the penis). Do not use the ring for more than 30 minutes (you can take it off earlier, watch your own feelings). Do not fall asleep with the ring on. To remove the ring, the erection must come off, first stretch the penis, and then the testicles. Use warm soapy water for cleaning, it is also recommended to treat with a special cleaner for sex toys. Use only water based lubricant.

Material Liquid Silicone
Size Type A - 75mm x 49mm
Type B - 52mm x 51mm
Type C - 68mm x 50mm
Type D - 75mm x 43mm
Color Black
Package 1 x penis ring