Soft silicone device 'Jerald'

Do you sometimes find yourself hurrying to the main point instead of taking your time? It's like a small talk - it can either develop into a great conversation or end right there. Even if the latter is fine with you, how about taking care of your Miss or Master up to the point where they are completely obsessed with your abilities and never want to look back at their a bit more blessed ex? If this sounds like a deal, then go ahead, warrior!

The Chastity Cage is made from a safe-to-use and comfortable silicone material - comfortable up to the tip of the device, which features not only a slot for the urine to pass, but some funky spikes inside of the cage as well. You can be assured, no unwanted erection will slip through this small but sturdy punisher - it will envelop your cock like a second skin, as long as the dimensions are correct and the external padlock is completely locked, with the key thrown away... into your key-holder's possession, not into the river, we hope.

Material Silicone
Standard cage:
Length - 100mm/65mm
Diameter - 35mm
5 Ring sizes: 35 mm, 36 mm, 42 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm
Package Content
1 x Silicone Cage
5 x difference sizes ring
5 x individually numbered plastic locks
4 x spacers
1 x brass padlock